It is our honour to announce that our dental clinic DentalMedicine Athens has been successfully accredited by Temos International.

After a detailed inspection, our clinic is accredited for the high level of Quality provided along with our services (Quality in Dental Care).

Our standardized procedures and policies concerning both the dental safety of the patients and the administration of the clinic, are now approved and certified with the highest level of accreditation by the German body of Temos International.

It is our priority to provide personalized dental care to each of our patients, according to the contemporary scientific knowledge, in order to achieve the highest level of security in our therapeutic procedures.

Our constant effort to keep up with the latest scientific and therapeutic innovations has been acknowledged and awarded with the present accreditation.

This, in addition with our repeated presence in prestigious scientific conferences, support our mission for extroversion of our clinic.

It is our effort that DentalMedicine Athens continues the journey it has started, providing to our patients services based on the principals of patients-centred dental care.

With our belief that treatment should be provided according to the demands of our era for humanity, sustainability and technological innovation, we continue to support our patients with the best of ourselves.

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