General Dentistry


General Dentistry

An early diagnosis is extremely important for the maintenance of a healthy oral cavity and teeth

The early detection of caries protects us from tooth extractions and ensures the preservation of them.

In our clinic, you will find the best and most contemporary methods of treatment and restoration.

We shall collaborate to find the best medical, aesthetic, and practical solution from simple resin fillings (white fillings) to all-ceramic restorations.

Diagnosis and treatment of periodontal problems at an early stage, ensures the maintenance of bone and soft tissues (gums and mucosa) in a healthy state ensuring the proper function of the oral system.

All treatments are organized by our clinic with absolute consistency in the scientific protocol and are performed by specialized associates.

The final stage to create the proper operating conditions of the oral system, is to restore the missing teeth, with either removable dentures or fixed restorations.

Each patient receives detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages of the solutions, which are based on the patients’ needs and are completely personalised.

A comprehensive treatment plan including therapy and restoration, is essential for both
health and social life.

In fact, it has been observed that the number of those who suffer from disorders of the oral system is constantly increasing.
Pain in front of the ear, vague facial pain, headaches non-related to a specific point and sleep disorders are associated with the dysfunction of jaw joints which affect our daily quality of life.

Each treatment is totally personalised and includes the patients’ personal details, the current oral cavity condition (including clinical and radiographic findings), the treatment plan (depending on the needs and scheduled treatment) and the expected total cost.

These medical plans can be submitted to public or private insurance providers.

We are always at your disposal in order to find together, the best approach for your treatment, so that you have the total financial control and make the most beneficial choice for yourselves.

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