Oral Surgery

Wisdom teeth, cysts etc.

Η επεμβατική οδοντιατρική καλύπτει ένα ευρύ φάσμα θεραπειών που εκτελούνται χειρουργικά.
Invasive Dentistry covers a huge range of surgeries. Oral surgery aims at the treatment of pathological conditions, the improvement of masticatory ability and the solution of aesthetic problems.
The decision to proceed to surgery is made under the responsibility of the doctor after a detailed consultation with the patient. The main criteria for the surgery are based on the best, safest, long-lasting, and most conservative method of treatment. The most common surgery sessions in the oral cavity include: tooth extractions, wisdom tooth extractions, apexectomy (with or without retro-filling), implant placement, bone augmentation to restore bone loss, periodontal surgery, sinus lift surgery, removal of lesions or tumors of the bone and soft tissues of the oral cavity.

Teeth Extraction

Extracting is a major category in oral surgery, in which teeth are completely removed from the jawbone. The reasons why someone should undergo an extraction, vary.
Extraction becomes necessary if the tooth is decayed, if there is periodontal damage that affects its support in the bone or if it concerns the wisdom tooth.
It is severe, that those teeth, which have been damaged by caries should not remain in the oral cavity, as they can cause huge problems as inflammations, abscesses or even cysts.
Extracting is a very common procedure performed under local anesthesia in our clinic and is followed by individualised oral hygiene.
Due to the fact that extractions are stressful for many patients, please do not hesitate to contact us to find, together, a way to deal with it.

The Extraction of the Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are formed and appear last in relation to other teeth. Their rise in the oral cavity occurs during adulthood, although many times they may not appear at all and remain impacted or semi-impacted.
Because of their position in the oral cavity, they can cause a lot of problems.
Such problems may be inflammations, abscesses and cysts, damage-decay, or mobility of adjacent teeth and, less often oral lesions or even tumors.
Wisdom teeth are surgically removed under local anesthesia in our clinic. This means that the whole procedure is done directly in our clinic without additional appointments or delays.
The appropriate local anesthesia is considered particularly effective to ensure painless extraction.
It is totally correct and even preferable to extract all wisdom teeth in one session. It is often the most appropriate treatment as the recovery time is reduced and the patient is in much less pain.
We would like you to discuss with us the matter of wisdom tooth extraction, in order to discard the myths concerning the wisdom teeth.

Surgical Laser

Nowadays, the use of laser in surgical procedures is often considered necessary. Especially in cases of periodontal soft tissues, laser is considered a beneficial weapon in our hands.
A reliable and capable laser device in the right hands, gives impressive results painlessly, quickly, without check-ups and complications.
There is a variety of cases that we prefer laser to conservative surgery, such as, the removal of the lingual frenum, the labial frenum of the upper lip, the traumatic fibroma, the removal of black pigments (melanin) from the gums, the reduction of the microbial load and the relief of herpes or oral aphthae.

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