Prevention and teeth cleaning

Wellness… for your teeth

This area concerns all the precautionary measures to prevent the development of dental cavities.

Prerequisite for prevention is frequent checking, with accurate determination of the condition of the teeth.
If a pathological matter is identified, it will be treated directly in our clinic using the latest technology.
Of course, you will be informed about the steps before each treatment and if there is something you do not understand you will always have the opportunity to ask.
We are always available to satisfy your request for anesthesia to avoid possible pain.
Prevention also includes professional tooth cleaning, explanation of the brushing technique and flossing, as well as individual advice.

The Procedure

Generally, professional tooth cleaning involves the complete removal of the “hidden” soft and hard plaque above and below the gums. To evaluate the situation and examine the depth of the periodontal pockets, we measure these pockets before each cleaning.
Details are kept in the patients’ file for regular comparison during follow-up periods.

Subsequent medical deep cleaning is usually done with manual instruments (curettes and scalers) and gentle piezoelectric devices (ultrasound devices). Then, any discoloration and deposits on the tooth surfaces can be removed with special powder spraying equipment (airflow). In addition, our clinic uses special devices for gentle but more efficient and painless cleaning (airflow, perioflow). Rotating rubber cups or grinding brushes smooth the surfaces of teeth to facilitate the repositioning of sealants.

Finally, all the surfaces of the teeth are covered with a special varnish/fluoride gel to protect the enamel.
An anesthetic can also be used for gum sensitivity.

Despite its great importance and low cost, prevention is neglected both by patients and dentists.

Early check-ups can reduce treatment needs, time and cost but also prevent benign and malignant lesions in the oral cavity.

We will be glad to inform and if you wish, to include you in the organized check-up program of our clinic.

Definitely, you will feel safer.

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