Treatment for the preservation of your teeth

Endodontic therapy is the most conservative therapy to preserve teeth which suffer from great damage.
Aiming at the most conservative treatment, endodontic treatment offers the possibility of preserving teeth with great damage. Whereas, in the past, decayed teeth were considered doomed to extraction, today things are different thanks to new technological means (such as the surgical microscope) which provide ways to “rescue” damaged teeth.
A high quality and successful Root Canal Treatment (endodontic treatment) reduces the chances of complex surgeries and the subsequent placement of bridges or implants.

Preserve your natural teeth

Teeth, against general belief, do not have a specific lifetime.
Based on this fact, we make our best effort to preserve your natural teeth in a healthy mouth. Even if a tooth has been severely decayed, if its crown has been broken or damaged, if there is damage to periodontal tissues (cyst, abscess), it can be maintained through conservative endodontic treatment.
The pulp (“nerve”) can be infected with bacteria. This infection causes severe pain and other complications.
Thanks to endodontic (root canal) treatment we can identify the cause of inflammation and eliminate it.
Also, in the past, teeth which were suffering from bone lesions had to be extracted due to lack of treatment.
Root canal treatment can remove the infected dental tissue and most of the times leads to the repair of damage at the edge of the tooth root.
For many people, preserving the natural teeth is a very sensitive issue.
Together, we will plan a painless treatment with the least possible intervention and maintenance of your natural teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

The soft tissue inside the teeth is called the pulp and consists of vessels and nerves.
If this tissue becomes infected or has already died from an injury or an old infection, it should be removed.
The tooth that was in contact with the infected tissue must also be cleaned and the tooth roots must be sealed.
This is simply the Endodontic Treatment that gives us the opportunity to prevent the spread of germs from the teeth into the jawbone or the soft tissues of the face.
Endodontic Treatment emerges as the only alternative to avoid extracting an infected tooth and by choosing it, we choose to live with our natural teeth.

Repetition of the Tooth Canal Treatment

The repetition of the Root Canal Treatment may become necessary if the bacteria and inflammatory areas present in the root canals (inside the roots) were not completely removed in the first therapy.
This may be due to anatomical features and does not completely cancel the first root canal treatment.
By removing the old root closure materials, the root canals are redefined, and the previous treatment is repeated.

Our experience in combination with our collaborations with highly experienced and remarkable endodontic colleagues, ensure the desired result.

Endodontic Microsurgery

In the least probable case, that treatment cannot be repeated or that even the repetition has not been achieved, there is the possibility of surgical treatment with visual aid (surgical microscope) with apexectomy and retro-filling. Our fully equipped clinic and highly experienced staff can deal with even the most demanding endodontic surgeries.

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